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Kaitlynn was born September 29th, 2004. We have seen neurology specialists from St. Louis to New Orleans since she was born. Unfortunately, we still do not have a definitive diagnosis for Kaitlynn. The best guess her doctors have to offer is mitochondrial disease.

Writers Beware - Are My Readers The Reason My Google AdSense Account Was Just Canceled?

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This is simply a must read for any writer using Google AdSense. I've been using the ad program for years now, and never realized that all my hard work and earnings could be yanked out from under me for no fault of my own. I understand that Google AdSense must protect its advertisers from fraudulent and solicited clicks, which harm Google's reputation and the pocketbooks of the advertisers.

That said,I feel that Google AdSense also has a responsibility to protect those of us that place an ad to make not only us, but Google money. Termination, suspension, and disabling accounts shouldn't be done upon a mere suspicion. Granted, I don't know the internal process that goes on at Google Adsense, but I suspect that the "investigation" isn't so much of an investigation as it is some computer program sending up a red flag when any ad gets hit multiple times by the same PC. If so, this isn't suffice evidence to just disable a user's account and refund any/all earnings. After all, any writer can attest that readers will and have stooped to some pretty low blows when they disagree with the content of an article or blog post. I've seen threats, insults, name-calling, and pure word rage from simple subjects like coupons. I know I know that reader sabotage isn't always just online threats that never reach your real life; sometimes, those irate readers can cause you a world of trouble in real life.

See what happened to me here