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Kaitlynn was born September 29th, 2004. We have seen neurology specialists from St. Louis to New Orleans since she was born. Unfortunately, we still do not have a definitive diagnosis for Kaitlynn. The best guess her doctors have to offer is mitochondrial disease.

Now This Is What A Real Doctor Looks Like: Dr. Sean Daneshmand

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Dr. Sean Daneshmand embodies everything that a doctor should be.

Medical crisis’s are a time of great emotional, physical, and financial anguish. Medical professionals often overlook or ignore all the elements between  providing care and receiving payment.  But, not Dr. Sean Daneshmand, an obstetrician specializing in high-risk pregnancies.

CNN tell the story of  Veronica Pacheco who was put in a coma at 24 weeks pregnant because of a positive H1N1 test. Six weeks later, the fetus was in distress and had to be taken by emergency C-section. Noah Pacheco weighed less than three pounds when he went to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU.)

Premature babies, like Noah Pacheco, and sick babies often stay in the NICU for weeks to months. The NICU may be hours away from the parents’ home. This babies are too medically fragile to be brought home….yet, the mother is released from the hospital shortly after birth. The parent(s) then must face the traumatic financial and emotional stress of making frequent trips to the NICU. Life, albeit turned upside down, still goes on….the parent(s) still have work, other children, living expenses, etc… while trying to figure out how to spend as much time as possible with their premature infant in the NICU. The Pacheco’s needed help, and they found it through Dr. Daneshmand.

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