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Kaitlynn was born September 29th, 2004. We have seen neurology specialists from St. Louis to New Orleans since she was born. Unfortunately, we still do not have a definitive diagnosis for Kaitlynn. The best guess her doctors have to offer is mitochondrial disease.

Musee Picasso's At Chateau Grimaldi Archaeological Site

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A bit of history via Lauren Axelrod:

The Chateau Grimaldi, constructed during the 12th century, acted as a fortress and was raised on the foundations of what was once the Greek town of Antipolis. The Chateau Grimaldi later became the residence of the Bishops of Antibes and the studio of famous artist Pablo Picasso.

Around 1383, Luc and Marc Grimaldi from Monaco, crossbowmen in the army of Queen Jeanne of Navarre, were given Chateau Grimaldi, as well as the land surrounding the fortress as a private estate. The Chateau Grimaldi remained a stronghold of the Grimaldi family until 1608. At that time, Henri VI purchased the town, ... From: Musee Picasso's At Chateau Grimaldi Archaeological Site